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Beware of Counterfeits
Essiac counterfeits are ravaging the internet industry and are giving you ALL SORT OF EXCUSES why their “essiac” formulas are better than the legendary original Canadian ESSIAC® from Nurse Rene Caisse.

Some companies tell you they have 8 herbs formulas (claiming that it is an improved version) others tell you that their formulas contain turkey rhubarb (claiming that it is part of the original formula), others have changed the spelling of the name ESSIAC® on their products labels to try and mislead you and a few companies in the USA have gone as far as illegally copying our product labels. We even found a company that copied our boxes and put their own version of herbs (plastic bags) in the box.

One of the counterfeit companies on the internet selling their own cheap version of “powdered herbs in plastic baggies” with no expiry dates had the audacity to say “ESSIAC®,ESSIK, ESIAK” there is no difference….wrong - it is the whole difference!

These companies are all making false and irresponsible claims when they claim to sell the original Canadian Essiac® from Nurse Rene Caisse.


PLEASE NOTE: There are no “generics” of the original Essiac® product and we do not sell this product to any other company with another companies name on our ESSIAC® product.

Authentic ESSIAC® Counterfeit ESSIAC
Label must contain the
registered trademark
Label does not contain the
registered trademark
Label must show the
Canadian flag
Label does not show the
Canadian flag
ESSIAC is spelled
Spelled as "ESSIAK","ESIAK",
"ESSAIC" or other
Label must show Rene Caisse's
authorized picture on front
of the product
Label does not show
Rene Caisse's
Label must show Rene Caisse's
authorized signature
Label does not show
Rene Caisse's signature
Contains 4 herbs Contains 6 or 8 herbs
Contains Indian Rhubarb Root Contains Turkey Rhubarb
Sold in bottles and boxes Sold in plastic bags
Label indicates
ingredients, expiry date
and lot number
Label does not indicate
ingredients, expiry date
or lot number
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